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League City, TX. – 
In a time when the headlines of our newspapers are dim, the youth of this state need to be imagining a brighter future. With this in mind, Texas' own Elsa Shiju set out on a statewide project to speak to kids and tour all 64 counties in 1 year.  This tour reached more than 10,000 youth and journeyed 6,000 miles in the state to inspire the next generation of Texas leaders to dream big!

"My goal was to inspire a group of kids in each county across Texas. I shared the steps I am taking to achieve my goal of being one of the first people to go to Mars and encouraged kids to go after their own dreams. I also discussed the importance of STEM and how this knowledge can be used to make our dreams a reality."                                   - Elsa Shiju

2020 has been a landmark year for Elsa. In September she graduated from Space Academy, attended Cosmosphere Camp, VA Space Flight Academy and many more. Elsa has had media coverage in every country across the globe, spoken to 4000 people in South Korea, and is featured in the release of the new World Woman Hour TV series on IWD 2020.

"Always follow your dream and don't be afraid to talk about your dreams and tell people what you really want to do."  - Elsa Shiju  


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